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Craving a taste of authentic Shanghai? Let unconventional outfitter, Untour Shanghai, lead you on a foray into the city’s lively night markets, where vendors ply passersby with local delicacies like spicy Shanghai-style crayfish and cumin-scented hand-pulled noodles. Read more here. 

Christina, from Tanzania, was married to an older man when she was 13 after suffering female genital mutilation (FGM). 

“My father told me I had to get married because that is what women do after they have been cut. I don’t know how old John is. When I ask him he won’t tell me, he says, ‘why do you need to know my age?’ My mother says that he is 26. He works as a day labourer and loads stones.”

“John leaves very early around 4 am and then I get up to clean the house, fetch water from the river, about one kilometre downhill, then I work in our corn farm. I also graze our two goats which John got as a wedding gift. Then I start to prepare dinner. Sometimes I go visit my friend or she comes here. When I do have my children, I want my son to become a policeman and my daughter a nurse.” 

We can make a brighter future for girls now. Take a stand to end child marriage and FGM:


Here are all 8 NFL divisions, illustrated like Christmas cards.

Photos: David Rappoccio