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“Don’t destroy a government on an empty stomach!”


Seattle Sea Tacos (by gocookyourself)

White Fish/ Lettuce/ Red Onion/ Scallions/ Chilli/ Soft Tacos/ Sour Cream/ Lime/ Fresh Corinader/ Cumin/ Chilli Powder (1)

CHOP half red onion, half chilli, scallions and some coriander leaf

PLACE fish in owl and add in chopped onion/ chili/ scallion/ coriander

SPRINKLE over cumin and chilli powder

ADD juice of half of a lime, cover, and set aside

HEAT grill pan

SLICE lettuce, chili, and red onion (3)

CUT thin slices of scallion (3)

QUARTER remaining half of lime (3)

PICK some cilantro leaves (3)

GRILL fish for around 3 minutes each side (4)

WARM soft taco shells briefly on hot place

ADD lettuce, onion and scallion to warm taco

SPRINKLE with flakes of cooked fish

TOP with chilli, coriander, and sour cream

SQUEEZE over lime


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(Photo by Seattle Seahawks)


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